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Sprinkler System Installer

The occupational title "Sprinkler System Installer" defines persons who, because of their knowledge, training and abilities, are capable of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing fire protection systems.

Sprinkler System Installers are usually, but not exclusively, found in industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential situations, such as: plants, factories, office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, residential buildings, and airports. Fire protection systems may be assembled from a wide variety of equipment, available from a considerable range of manufacturers. Sprinkler System Installers must often perform their jobs in conditions that present physical discomfort and danger. They have to work overhead and on power lifts, scaffolds, and ladders, and tolerate physical discomfort caused by heavy manual labour and repetitive tasks as well as temperature changes, noises, dust, and environmental hazards.

Accomplishing the Sprinkler System Installer's tasks depends largely on: knowledge of piping systems and components; knowledge of codes, regulations, and laws; experience in a wide variety of situations; ability to operate hand and power tools; and ability to determine the most appropriate and safe means of proceeding with the work. Sprinkler System Installers also need to possess good mechanical and mathematical aptitude, good physical co-ordination, and an ability to plan and think sequentially.

Sprinkler System Installers are routinely required to co-ordinate their work with other tradespeople, who include (but are not limited to) plumbers, steamfitters-pipefitters, sheetmetal workers, bricklayers, drywallers, carpenters, ironworkers, electricians, and insulators. It is important then that installers be at least somewhat familiar with the scope of work encompassed by these trades.

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