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Dr. Garry Hayes Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund

Scholarship Value $1,000

Number of Scholarships 2

The Saskatchewan Golf Association annually presents scholarships to deserving member golfers to assist in her/his pursuit of high school and post-secondary academic excellence. The SAGE scholarships are named after or for individuals and organizations having made outstanding contributions to golf in the province of Saskatchewan.

Eligibility, Policies and Selection Criteria

1. The applicant must be a:

a. A resident of Saskatchewan (exception SGA members of the Lloydminster GCC);

b. Current member of the Saskatchewan Golf Association; and

c. Pursuing a full course of academic studies at a recognized high school institution or post-secondary institution

2. Scholarships are open to female/male applicants with restrictions:

a. Applicants who will still be attending high school in the fall of the calendar year are eligible to apply for and receive the Richard Collacott Scholarship

b. To apply for the Post-Secondary Scholarships the applicant must have completed grade twelve (12) by June 30th of the current year

3. Applicants must apply each year and following must accompany the completed SAGE application:

a. A Letter of Reference must be included with the SAGE application (from a teacher, CPGA professional, Golf Coach, etc.)

b. A letter outlining the:

i. High School Applicant ~ the applicant's future plans in golf or related field and plans for the upcoming golf season, such as tournament schedule the applicant will be playing, etc.

ii. Post-Secondary Applicant ~ the applicant's golf plans for the upcoming golf season, such as a tournament schedule the applicant will be playing, etc.

4. The applicant must have completed her/his most recent year of academic studies to a:

a. Minimum standard of 80% academic or grade point average for high school; or

b. Minimum standard of 70% academic or grade point average for post secondary education

5. All awards are contingent upon the applicant being accepted by and remaining enrolled at the University or College of her/his choice on a full time, full year academic basis

6. Enrollment at a University or College must be verified by proof of payment of the current year's fall tuition