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Lorne Aston Scholarship

Scholarship Value $750

Number of Scholarships 2

The RHSAA will award scholarships of $750.00 each to one male and one female graduating student who plans to attend a post-secondary institution. The scholarship is named for Lorne Aston, a long-time educator and former Commissioner of Athletics in Regina.


Eligibility will be determined by the RHSAA Constitution and Bylaws. Applicants must meet the eligibility guidelines which follow:

  • Scholarships will be presented each year to two graduating students, one male and one female, who will attend a post-secondary institution.
  • The scholarship money will be presented once confirmation is received regarding enrolment in a postsecondary institution.
  • Individual students may apply, or students may be requested to apply by schools. An application form is available from the RHSAA office or from the school’s athletic director or guidance counselor or available on line at RHSAA website.
  • Applicants must have an average of 75% or higher, based upon graduation requirements set by Sask. Learning.
  • The applicant must have participated in a number of RHSAA activities throughout his/her high school career and must have achieved a high degree of proficiency in one or more of these activities.
  • The applicant must have demonstrated leadership ability, sportsmanship and must have made significant contributions to his/her school’s athletic program. Applicants must be good citizens and role models in the school and in the community.


  • Please complete page one and two of this application form.
  • Please forward these two pages with the 4 documents noted below to the principal of your school, no later than May 3, 2024


  • Please sign in the space provided on the page.
  • Forward pages one and two of the application form, along with the 4 documents noted below to the RHSAA commissioner by May 10, 2024 as one PDF with all documents scanned and included in the attachment.
  • Each school may submit only 1 male and/or only 1 female candidate for the Aston Scholarship. Aston applicants will not be eligible for either the Dr. Paul Schwann or the Ron Pettigrew awards.


  1. Transcript of Grade 12 marks as required for graduation as set by Sask. Learning. Including a separate document itemizing Grade 12 Spring Semester Midterm marks.
  2. Up-to-date resume to include:
    • in-school athletic activities, grades 9 to 12;
    • out-of-school athletic activities grades 9 to 12;
    • team and individual awards and recognition for all in-school and out-of-school awards, athletic activities grades, 9 to 12;
    • participation in awards and recognitions received for in-school activities other than athletics in grades 9 to 12.
  3. A reference letter from a school coach, or a teacher or the principal.
  4. Reference letter from a community member (excluding family member or an employee of the school you attend).