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The University of Sherbrooke
The University of Sherbrooke

About The University of Sherbrooke
The University of Sherbrooke is a large university with three distinct campuses, two of which are located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, and another, located in Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal approximately 130 km west of Sherbrooke. The University has over 100,000 graduates and offers 46 undergraduate, 48 master and 27 doctoral programs. It holds a total of 61 research chairs, among which are the pharmacology, microelectronics and environment research chairs.

Beyond this excellent ranking in terms of education and campus life, the University of Sherbrooke is doing much to improve off-campus life for students. In particular, it offers the university community free transportation at all times on the public transit system, in partnership with the STS (Sherbrooke transportation corporation). Since its introduction in 2004, this measure has gained increasing popularity.

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