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Northwest Community College
Northwest Community College

About Northwest Community College
Northwest Community College was first established in 1975 in Terrace, British Columbia. From this beginning 30 years ago, there has been a gradual establishment of College Campuses in many of the communities in the Pacific Northwest region to serve the changing needs of the communities. There are now six campuses and an additional four community learning centres located within the College region.

NWCC is a student-centered College offering academic and career degree, diploma, and certificate programs as well as a wide range of courses and programs for international students; all of which provide excellent exposure to Canadian life and culture.

Northwest Community College also offers an Associate Degree program. The Associate Degree is a valuable credential on its own and can also count towards further education studies. For those wishing to continue their studies, all of the courses of the Associate Degree are equivalent to university courses and can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions.

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