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University Canada West
University Canada West

About University Canada West
University Canada West is an innovative, independent university that offers the MBA, BCom and BA degrees. The University offers a mixed model of teaching with both online and on-campus programs, catering to students who are interested in an enhanced form of learning. Small class sizes, reputable professors and instructors, and support from dedicated Learning and Skills Coaches are here to help you succeed.

At University Canada West we believe in positive attitudes and hard work. These qualities along with a minimum 65% high school average contribute to our admissions requirements. Even if your grades are not available when you apply, you may still be considered for admission based on the grades you expect to receive. Since the UCAN academic year is built on four ten-week terms, you can complete a four-year degree program in just two years. Even if you spent one or two summer terms away from studies, you would still be able to complete your degree in less than three years. Graduate faster at University Canada West and start your career in no time.

Live and study on the beautiful West Coast of Canada at University Canada West�s Vancouver or Victoria campus locations. Both cities are surrounded by a stunning natural environment of ocean and greenery, while also offering a friendly cosmopolitan city centre. With both campus locations situated in the heart of the city, students are treated to a small university village within Vancouver and Victoria�s urban landscape.

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