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University of Saskatchewan Entrance Scholarships

Scholarship Value $24,000

Number of Scholarships 9

You will automatically be considered for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship when you apply for admission. These scholarships recognize your academic achievements and are awarded based on your admission average.

You will be considered automatically for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship if you are:

A) A current high school (secondary) student who plans to come to uSask after you graduate, or

B) A student who has already graduated from high school (secondary) but has little or no previous post-secondary education (less than 18 transferable credit units).

Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships are awarded based on your admission average.

If you apply for admission during your Grade 12 year, your average will be calculated twice - once at the time of admission and again after graduation, once we receive your final, official transcript. Your scholarship amount will be based on your highest average.

If you have already graduated from high school, only your final Grade 12 average will be used.